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Govt Approves 10 FDI Proposals of Rs 5000 Cr – MoneyMaker Research

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Govt Approves 10 FDI Proposals of Rs 5000 CrThe government sanctioned ten foreign direct investment proposals amounting to Rs 5,000 crore for food product and single brand retail trading, including those of Amazon, Grofers and Urban Ladder.

The DIPP (Dept of Industrial Policy & Promotion) also rejected 4 applications, while another 6 applications were either closed or withdrawn. DIPP uploaded the details on the foreign investment facilitation portal on Thursday, 25 August 2017.

Amazon got the proceed to set up a subsidiary company in India with 100 percent foreign direct investment to engage in the business of retail trading of food products produced locally. Its proposal is to invest Rs 3500 crore.

Grofers proposal to undertake retail trading, including via e-commerce, of food products produced or manufactured in India with 100 percent FDI, which has also been sanctioned. The cleared proposals further include MTR Foods. Grofers is also expected to bring in USD 25 million.


Stock Market Intraday Trading Tricks & Strategies – Money Maker Research

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Best Stock Trading TipsIntraday trading in stocks requires great art and attention. All the market traders are afraid of any risks when dealing with market. For getting success in trade, some basic patters are to be followed:

Have a realistic goal in mind before entering into the market. A realistic goal means, first you have to make a choice whether you want to become a successful trader. For this, one should keep himself open for new learning and he should make a good ground work for trading.

Following the trend is an important parameter in day trading, as the fundamental step to make profit in intraday trade is to recognize the stock.  Intraday charts are the best way to identify stocks for trading.  Moreover, the trader should make a good research and ground-works before starting in intraday trade.

Study the historical charts and learn the upward and downward moving stocks together seeing the previous day’s intraday chart.  The good strategy will be to buy at the last day’s support level and short at the last day’s resistance levels.

When a trader thinks of investing in the stock market, be sure that he keeps away from his emotions, as emotions has got nothing to play in the stock trade. A successful trader should always adopt a good practice, as to how to trade without emotions.

It should be noted that when one comes to share market, adequate research is essential. The proper research helps him in making good returns from the money that he has invested. A trader should try to get in touch a good stock consultant who would be capable of making good decisions where to invest money to get the best benefits.

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