NSE reduces fee on options, currency derivatives to strengthen market

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Money Maker Research, Market News, Daily Market Updates, NSE, BSEThe National Stock Exchange (NSE) has appreciably lowered transaction charges in currency derivatives and equity options. Effectively, trading members will have to pay a flat Rs. 2500 transaction fee for a month, on a premium value of up to Rs. 3.00 crore in equity options.

The new action follows changes in transaction charges of late introduced by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), started charging on per trade basis in certain sectors. Moreover, the BSE has been gaining market share in the currency derivatives segment. Additionally, the NSE has also introduced a slab-based structure for turnover above Rs. 3.00 crore, under which transaction charges per lakh of premium value will fall as turnover enhances.

In the meantime, the NSE has also decreased transaction charges for currency derivatives trades and has put in place a slab-based system, helping reduce the cost of trading and hedging for various entities, including small & medium enterprises.

The transaction charges for currency derivatives was in consonance with linking to traded value and compliance points. All reduction features are expected to make Indian markets more competitive and attracting wider participation, that infuse more liquidity.


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